Monday, April 26, 2010

Three weeks

I changed my blog background in honor of our upcoming vacation. I don't know if I'll post again soon, so I wanted to fill everyone in on our lives. We have a very busy three weeks ahead. God is so good, as all of the busy days are because of blessings. We are moving, wrapping up a great year of ministry and going on vacation.

When these three weeks are over, we will have packed, moved, painted and refloored our new home, held our end of the year celebration for our marriage ministry, and gone to Maui on vacation. We are very grateful for our vacation coming after our move and our ministry wrap-up! We will greatly need and enjoy our time on the beach and living at a Hawaiian pace for a bit.

So, hopefully I will be able to write again soon! I have several blog post ideas I've been crafting, but they will probably have to wait. Aloha, everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Date Night!

Ryan and I lagged a little on the date nights last year, which is understandable with a newborn in the house. However, this year we made the decision to take turns planning our two date nights a month. In addition, we are trying to make the dates creative and not always turn to dinner and a movie on our night out. We've done some fun dates before: Disneyland, walk around the Montage and eat in Laguna Beach, Cirque de Soleil, hiking on a Saturday morning, quick tacos and then a nice dessert at a fondue restaurant, etc.

If you are married, date nights are vital. Whether you are like us, with small kids at home, or you have teenagers or no kids, it is important to get away from the daily grind and just have time to communicate, sit and talk with your spouse.

I thought it might be fun to get some creative ideas for dates. I know that some of you have been on or have heard about some great nights out. Share!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carter is Four

What a crazy and BIG year for Carter! Two weeks before Micah arrived last year, we potty trained our little trooper. He went from being a baby in diapers to a very big boy. He welcomed Micah, not quite sure what this would mean for him. Now, he is a big fan of his brother, introducing him to everyone, "This is Micah."

Carter started preschool this year. We have seen him grow SO much in self control and the ability to focus for longer periods of time.

He saw his first official movie--Up--in the theater. That was the beginning of fun trips to see things with him in the movie theater. Micah attended that first movie too, but he sucked on my finger and fussed through most of it.

Carter grew leaps and bounds. Right after he turned three he shot up in height, and he was just a hair shy of 40 inches when he turned 4. As mommy and daddy promised, he got to go to Disneyland and ride all the "Big Boy" rides like Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain--a lot of mountain rides. : ) He was in heaven!

He now rides a bike without training wheels, he has a two wheel scooter, and he eats hamburgers.

Carter is still full of energy, and we always get comments about his joyful and happy disposition when he is excited about something. He bounces out of the car and hops all the way to class every time we go to preschool. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Balazs, and his classmates.

Daddy has a special place in Carter's heart, and it is fun seeing their bond grow stronger. He still likes mommy to hold him when he is hurt, tired or wanting a back scratch.

I love my little buddy. His sweet heart and curious mind are so fascinating to witness. I thank God for such a great year with him! Happy birthday, Carter! May your next year be just as amazing!