Monday, December 13, 2010

New Crafty, Creative, Cooking Blog

I know.  I know.  Another blog!  It is so fun, though, and it is an outlet for some gifts God has given me.  Come visit my new blog (I have three!), and see what is brewing creatively at my house and in my life. 
For those keeping track, this blog (Hawley Home) is for personal friends.  This blog isn't updated often due to Facebook, which really usurped the need for Hawley Home.
I also have, which is a blog dedicated to spiritual lessons and discussions on being a woman of God, and specifically a wife.
Finally, there is now  I share my right brain journeys through crafting, cooking, decorating and entertaining. 
Thanks for any you are willing to read. : )  I sure do enjoy writing blogs, and I love your comments.  Leave your thoughts!